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In 2017 "The World Games" will be held in Wrocław (Poland).

The Polish Aero Club in cooperation with 

the "Smyki na Start" Foundation and Warsaw University of Technology

submitted their application to the event organizers 

for the inclusion of Gliding competition among the other

disciplines of "The World Games - Wrocław 2017".

Till 31 March we were collecting words of support for this idea.

We passed to IGC FAI report in the form of a "Letter of support"


We are waiting for annoucement of Sport Program for TWG Wrocław 2017.


Report passed to IGC FAI annual meeting.

The final decision of TWG2017 Sports Program should be made in March. According to IWGA framework we finish our action of collecting words of support by 31 March 2014 (IWGA message).  We are waiting for announcement of The whole Sports Program in April.

A detailed description of the Gliding at "The World Games" idea.


03/31/2014  23:00 UTC  Statistics 1192
No. Country Votes
1 Poland 837
2 Germany 72
3 Russia 60
4 United Kingdom 48
5 Romania 25
6 France 18
7 Sweden 16
8 United States 16
9 Argentina 12
10 Lithuania 12
11 Spain 11
12 Hungary 9
13 Japan 8
14 Australia 5
15 Italy 5
16 Greece 4
17 South Korea 4
18 Switzerland 4
19 Belarus 3
20 Slovakia 3
21 Denmark 2
22 Netherlands 2
23 New Zealand 2
24 Serbia 2
25 Ukraine 2
26 Belgium 1
27 Bulgaria 1
28 Canada 1
29 Czech Republic 1
30 Iceland 1
31 India 1
32 Ireland 1
33 Luxembourg 1
34 Qatar 1
35 South Africa 1



People who support the idea of gliding competition at TWG2017 in Wroclaw:

Eric Mozer  –  President of the International Gliding Commision (FAI IGC).

"As President of the International Gliding Commission, I fully support and encourage this initiative to bring gliding into the World Games in 2017!"   Eric Mozer. 

Artur Rutkowski  –  Vice-President of the International Gliding Commision (FAI IGC), glider pilot, member of Silesian Flying Club (Aeroklub Śląski).

"We, glider pilots and gliding enthusiasts, have unique opprtunity to put gliding onto higher stage in sports world. This is not Olympic Games yet but only a step from it and we should not lose this opprtunity! I'm supporting this idea very much and will take many other measures to make it happen!"   Artur Rutkowski.

Khalide Makagonova  –  President of "Aviatrisa" women-pilots organization. World Aerobatic Champion (1984).

"The Federation of Aeronautical Sports of Russia supports the idea of including sports gliding in the program of the World Games-2017 to be held in Wroclaw (Poland). Khalide Makagonova.

Adela Dankowska  –  in 1975 award-winner of Lilienthal Gliding Medal, the highest soaring award in the world. She set 12 world records and 35 Polish records in gliding. Member of Polish Parliament (at the X term of office).

Zbigniew Nieradka  –  current World Champion in 18m class (Uvalde 2012), successfully defended title gained in 2010 in Szeged. Leader in the glider pilot's world ranking.

Maciej Pospieszyński  –  the World Champion in glider aerobatic in Unlimited category (2012).


A few comments about Soaring competition at The World Games Wrocław 2017:

Please make it possible. It would be a nice chance for the gliding sport, to get more prestige and audience effectiveness. Best regards from Germany. (FH)

I think it would be great for sailplanes to be represented in the World Games. (DS)

"Human beings always dreamed of flying. Icarus highlights the dream and for centuries any flying had to be without an engine. Now flying is a vast and essential human activity but it is not represented in the Olympics or World Games. This is a glaring gap because the Games include a very wide range of human activity but strangely, no flying.
Gliding is the flying activity to include in these Games because:
1. It is a sport that represents a very popular activity.
2. Gliding uses the earths natural forces not an engine to race.
3. The design and racing of gliders requires international intellectual and physical, cooperative and competitive efforts.
4. Modern technology now allows glider racing to be a spectator sport." (RS)

Gliding itself should be part of Olympic Games, because its a real amateur sport and it is the future sport using the energy of the nature. With the technical Support the Sport of Gliding has shown that this sport can produce spectacular pictures. See the movies "Gladiators of the sky" or GP in Chile. (US)

Gliding is a demanding spectacular and dynamic sport. It should be included in Olympic Games list. The way to change the world perception about gliding is to make us more visible. Remember the site views from the cycling races and if you think they are nice then multiply by ten and find out the site views from a gliding competition. Good luck, and remember: there is life under the clouds! (AT)

Hope to see soaring at the world games, soaring is a sport with wide skills need, and is practice worldwide! (SJ)

Great idea to raise the most wonderful sport on the earth! (AH)

yeah! go on!!! let's bring soaring to the world games.! (GG)

My father has a Nord 2000, which was the french version of the "Olympia" who was the glider when gliding was supposed to be an olympic sport! I've grew up with this glider and this will be a great joy for me if gliding was back in the olympics game! (KJJ)

Would be great to see some gliding in the world games! (MG)

Gliding is a technical sport, but kayaking is as well. Gliding at the 1936 Summer Olympics was a demonstration sport. Its probably closer to F1, but still, would really like to see it in The World Games. (SK)

I consider that competitive gliding is a significant sport and very appropriate for international competition at the highest level. (MB)

Soaring would be a wonderful addition the World Games (and the Olympics) as it should have been since the aborted WWII summer cames in Finland in 1940. (TMA)

Great idea to include gliding, we have been the invisible aviation sport for far too long. (JM)

“With the latest technology and has already been shown in New Zealand, gliding can be as compelling a spectator sport as yachting. With gps tracking, on-board cameras and tracking planes the flights can be easily followed. Gliding would be a good fit, it's highly technical, demanding, skillful and our planes are grace personified in the air..." (HMD)

"What a good idea. Gliding can be seen on our TV these days as its possible to arrange competitions and aerobatics competitions etc. Cameras in cockpit , on wings make a big difference and the audience can be there too." (DCB)

Gliding, like any other Olympic level sport takes dedication determination and pure skill, an that is the reason why it should be classed like any other Olympic level sport. (GH)

I think this says it all: "Gliders, sail planes, they're wonderful flying machines. It's the closest you can come to being a bird. Neil Armstrong" (FV)

Soaring is one of the best sports you can ever compete at in an international environment, the only downside is that very few people know about it and understand it. I would love the idea of making soaring one of the disciplines present at The World Games - Wroclaw 2017 because it's a high skill, training and perseverence demaning sport, not to mention the neccesary sacrifices and other activites associated. Thank you for considering our opinions and I hope you will make a great choice for the sports of the future! (ABN)

Anything which will promote gliding can only be a good thing. Many people are not aware of this sport and I cannot think of a better platform for educating people on not only the skill required but also the fun and enjoyment gliding can bring to both participants and observers. (RK)

Please consider this sport as it encompasses everything our ideals of sporting competition entails. (AV)

With modern technology Gliding can be televised and also tracked on computers, tablets and smart phones. It is green and environmentally sound. (JC)

High time gliding had visibility outside its own championships, and what better opportunity than this. The TV coverage could be spectacular. (MB)

Gliding is a perfect sport to included in The World Games! (NML)

It's about time one of the most exciting sporting events is included in the world games. (RT)

Fantastic! Such a great sport, accessible to all. Would be an excellent inspiration. (SW)

Soaring is a fascinating and challenging unique type of aviation that should absolutely be included in The World Air Games! (WC)

Soaring in a glider is a supremely wonderful sport, developing physical and mental skills, self reliance, and personal confidence whilst offering uniquely euphoric experiences. The sport deserves to be much more widely promoted and supported, especially for young people seeking an enduring, healthy and satisfying longer term challenge in life. As a sport with a limited but truly fraternal international following, gliding is long overdue for inclusion in such broad-spectrum International events as The World Games and The Olympics… (AT)

Gliding as a public sport has immense, yet unexplored, potential for the future. The exploding possibilities of todays IT and electronic devices can combined with the heritage and magic of gliding be an Olympic winner in days ahead. (JW)

With the Olympic philosophy in mind this is a brilliant idea. (VK)

It is long overdue that gliding was recognized as a world sport and especially as such by the IOC. (PG)

This is a great opportunity to showcase our wonderful sport to the rest of the world. (SW)

Gliding is a challenging sport with a long history of international participation and an important history of Polish glider manufacture. Gliding has recently been included in the Wenlock Olympian Games and is also developing a "Gliding Grand Prix" format. (SK)

Go ahead Gliding! (BIM)


It's about time... (HL)

Certainly a world sport as it is practiced in very many countries. can participate at all levels and from 14 to 80+ years of age. (JW)

Gliding is more than a hobby, and should be at least as famous as other hobbies. (JS)

One of the most beautiful sports should be more popular. (HJ)

Picture would be amazing from the sky! (DK)

Segelflug als Disziplien ist ein überfälliges MUSS ! (PG)

Brilliant idea with the digital survey! (MG)

Gliding is a physical and mental sport. Pilots need to be well prepared, they have to know their flight tactics and they have to analyze the weather conditions in order to get the best thermal conditions. Over hours they have to be focused and concentrated on their task. In the last years new forms of competition like the Grand Prix mode aimed to be more simple and catchpenny. Last but not least it is a sport which shows us how much energy the nature has to offer even without exploiting it. Glider pilots are able to use thermals like eagles and fly hundreds of kilometers without any fuel. (CG)

Soaring is a unique sport bringing people together and enlargening personal skills, therefore it supports the Idea of communication between People idealy. (MM)

Most sports involve intense mental games. That is what makes them satisfying to the participating athletes. Soaring is 100% intense mental game. It involves so many factors, and it is extremely unique. It will fill a missing niche in the summer olympics. (PC)

If gliding is included in the World Games I would encourage you to consider FAI "Club Class" rather than "World Class" or 13.5 metre class. At International level the "Club" class has by far the lowest cost involved in competing. (KN)

Flew a contest at Lezlo back in the early 90's. Great place to fly from. Every little town looked the same from the air. Church and railroad at the center. Back then, most airports were military and weren't on the sectionals. The people were friendly. Landouts were a bit of a problem as most homes didn't have a phone. One had to get t td class=xl681751 style=color: #000000;nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class (br / td class=xl681751 style=color: #000000;nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class (br /ot a police station td clcolor: #000000;nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class (br /ass=xl681751 style=nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class (to p color: #000000;nbsp;current World Champion in 18 /td/pbr /m class (br /col color: #000000;nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class ( color: #000000;nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class (or: #000000;nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class (br /color: #000000 nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class (br /;nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class (br / color: #000000;nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class (br /color: #000000;nbsp;current World Champion in 18m class br /(br /hone back to Lezlo. (MIG)

I am a private pilot and fly single engine taildraggers. In my opinion, in order to be a good pilot, you must have perfected skcolor: #ff9900;color: #000000; /tdp style=ills, I cannot imagine the talent that is required to be a good glider pilot, which is why I would consider gliding a sport. (CF)

Gliding is the sport, which simply does not exist without the nature and where nature gives us the power of reaching the endless sky and fly hundreds of kilometers over our beautiful Earth giving a birds-eye perspective, which inspires /em2012Flew a contest at Lezlo back in the early 90 /em20 Flew a contest at Lezlo back in the early 9012Flew a contest at Lezlo back in the early 90and recharg border-top:none;border-left:nonebr /es your energy. This is the sport, where even the biggest competitors help each other on the ground and in the air and after the race all of them happy to meet in the camp with anyone, where friendliness, team spirit and fair play is not just for the show, but everyone does them naturally. Where doping is non-existent, the competitions are not won by reaching the physical limits of the human body, but by purely using the ability, the knowledge and experience of the pilots. Gliding is a sport of the modern world, where the skills of working in teams, competing with knowledge meanwhile keeping in mind the nature is inevitable and if it were more popular, our world would be a better place. (GA)

Cross country gliding is a fantastic sport. The td class=xl697051 style=br / best glider pilot is the one who can use energy best and it is energy which the nature offers in a natural way. Human must increase our knowledge about energy which our nature offer and how to use it without causing problems for others. Gliding is a sport which force the Winner to be extremely skilled to use energy and it is a real sport which is spread around World. Of course it should be an Olympic sport and start at World Games. (KF)

From Argen border-top:none;border-left:noneI consider that competitive gliding is a significant sport and very appropriate for international comborder-top:none;border-left:none/spanpetition at the highest level. (MB)tina we hope this come true. (td height=19 class=xl685103 style=EP)

Gliding deserves to be among the Olympic sports! (LG)

Gliding is a great sport and needs more recognition around the world. (ZM)

Gliding is a Sporting that can be practice by everybody: young People, old Inés and even disable people like me. It is Also an activity with very High level technology very good for industries. (LJ)

Gliding is a wonderful sport in which people can compete regardless of age or gender. Other glider pilots just fly locally but still enjoy the thrill of soaring. All glider pilots the world over enjoy comradeship. (DH)

Gliding is an important international sport, and Aeroklub Polski has demonstrated on numerous occasions the ability to organise successful international gliding competitions. (RS)

Gliding, a truly International sport, why would you not include it in the World Games 2017? (GW)

Go go go guys ! I support you at 1000%! Et vive la France! (DSM)

I started gliding last season during the French 18meters and women championship in Buno Bonnevaux France. Seeing all of these amazing pilots enjoying themselves gave me the desire to improve my skills and one day compete with/or against them.
I really think that bringing gliding to the World Games in 2017 would be a good opportunity to share our passion with the whole world. And not only the aviation community. Too many people ignore everything about gliding! Let's show them what we can do! :) (MM)

I was in my thirties before I found gliding. The World Games should help others to find gliding in their teens or twenties giving them years more fun. (CM)

If the world needs an sport to show friendship, fair play, discipline, skills, courage and if mother nature needs ecology, it has a name: gliding! (OMF)

It's time for a sport with high levels, let's begin with gliding competition. (HP)

Nice idea, I like this! (BT)

Please add gliding, the most fabulous and magic sport, to world olympic games program !!! (FG)

The Gliding sport must be in Olympics Games, please take note. (MR)

Time to bring back the magic. (GO)

We will keep the fingers crossed that this dream comes true! (EH)

With gliding (especially in the UK) declining I feel that gliding, as a sport, requires as much publicity as practically possible, including this sport in The World Games would help to propagate the sport. (LZ)

I support the concept of "one design" classes, especially the original world class. Shame to see that it is going to be a development class as happenned to the standard class. (GW)


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