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"Smyki na Start"* Foundation   who we are.


Our vision is to make any glider championship an event for the whole family. To achieve this, we put education and children's play first. Through this new formula of "edutainment", we will be attracting kids to flying. In this way, we want to bring to life the story about children who discover their interests and passions by building simple gliding models.

We made the PW-5 "Smyk" glider our main character because of its place in Olympic Soaring idea. We organize "Mini Olympic Games" in gliding, designed especially for children. The children, youths and their teams compete with their models of "olympic glider" which they make during the workshop at the same event. (we use foam models and we measure the distance of the flight)

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We started in 2011 with one event and 62 participants. In 2013 at the eighteen events, over 1000 people built flying glider models for the first times in their lives (not including little flying toys of PW-5 for preschool children).

Because "one picture says more than one thousand words" see the photo galleries of our events.


The movie from one of events - the common flight after model contest ("Clone attack" ;).




* The name "Smyki na Start" in Polish language are the words-play using the name of the glider PW-5 "Smyk" and at the same time the direct translation is close to: "Children get ready at the start line". The word "Smyk" means in Polish: "little rascal", but only with positive, warm connotations.


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